The database is designed to create and manage content in your application. You can create a database for news, custom forms and other actions.

No coding is required when creating a database!

To create a database and output information to applications, we need to do 3 simple steps:

Step1: Create a database

After the publication of the application, all new information that you will add to your database will be updated online

Step 2: Add a page with the output of all information

Use the lists component on the application screen

Step 3: Add a page with the output of separate information

Use the components that will be in your content, for example: image, content, comments, etc

Creating a database:

Name your database (the name is visible only to you)

Drag the desired fields to the canvas

Configure the display and availability of fields

Database management:

You can create different databases with different actions and functions.

Consider an example of a database for managing news:

Go to the list of created databases and start adding records

Great! You have created your first database

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